Silvia Tarozzi & Mark Nauseef

Silvia Tarozzi

Silvia Tarozzi is a violinist, performer and improviser. Her research on sound and instrumental gestures, based on her own experiences as an improviser, finds expression in several collaborations with composers.

Mark Nauseef

Mark Nauseef (born June 11, 1953), in Cortland, New York, is a drummer and percussionist who has enjoyed a varied career, ranging from rock music during the 1970s with his time as a member of the Ian Gillan Band and, temporarily with Thin Lizzy when Brian Downey left for a short time, to a wide range of musical styles in more recent times, playing with many notable musicians from all over the world.


Violin on Bells

violin on bells- Silvia Tarozzi, Mark Nauseef

"violin on bells- Silvia Tarozzi, Mark Nauseef".