Richard Youngs

Richard Youngs (b. 1966, Cambridge, England) is a singer-composer based in Glasgow, Scotland, whose work is an ongoing experiment in song form straddling the traditional and the avant-garde. He is primarily a writer of extended song, but is also active in experimental music, improvisation, folk and disco.

He has collaborated with numerous musicians including AMOR (Scotland/Norway), Tony Bevan (England/Scotland), Neil Campbell (England), Chris Corsano (US), Alastair Galbraith (New Zealand), Jandek (US), Makoto Kawabata (Japan), Damon Krukowski (US), Donald WG Lindsay (Scotland/Ascension Island), David Maranha (Portugal), Chie Mukai (Japan), Frans de Waard (Netherlands).


Past Fragments of Distant Confrontation

Past Fragments of Distant Confrontation_16bit