Iain Findlay Walsh

Iain Findlay-Walsh / Klaysstarr is a sound artist, composer and researcher who combines field recording and studio production with autoethnographic methods. He is interested in exploring and making connections between listening, space and self, and in recasting his own everyday listening experiences as first-person encounters. Work ranges across installation, performance, fixed-media and multichannel composition and includes presentations across the UK and Europe, at Glasgow International, Experimentica and Counterflows festivals, as well as commissions from Arika and Radiophrenia. His releases are available across numerous labels and formats, most recently on Entr’acte, Antwerp (2019). His research on sound and listening has been presented widely, and his writing on soundscapes and auditory perception is published through the Organised Sound journal. He is a Lecturer in Music at the University of Glasgow, teaching sound art, composition andexperimental practice, while co-directing the Immersive Experiences lab on Virtual Reality in Arts and Humanities Research, and curating the spatial audio event series, INTER-. In addition to his activities as a sound artist, Iain performs as an improviser and multi-instrumentalist, most recently with experimental improvisers Zoming Flakes (with Fritz Welch). He was previously an instigator and agitator in improvising noise-pop group In Posterface and with prog-punk maximalists Lapsus Linguae.


more no place

fragments of first-person field recording and found music
collecting shaping living making proximate spaces of experience

i’ve been off
in another world
for about 40 minutes
don’t exist
don’t exist

sometimes i just sit on the toilet slouched over all the weight on my gut sensing how it feels just to sit and the toilet and let piss out let shit out let gas out barely conscious thought flickering on and off not looking but listening listening intently to my heavy guts flowing out like through a leak in the dam relieving pressure and joining with the flows of plumbing and sewer and sea. I love to just sit here and piss and heave and let the weight fall momentarily off grid anti-social solitary not with anyone not with my self in the no place of the toilet space is a world of tiny sounds pensive sounds a world of water of relief and the immersive vague reek of possibility

listening to going home
i burst into those conservative tears
this cry
preserving some known and unearned power
these tears are real
squeezing pleasure in the barren field
of this house
at 5.18

i deal
c ess
orders the pizza
eats the pizza
(i talks and someone hears me)
fun feelings
awful lot
bout yo

i finger
ne ar

good power focus
then again

ghost of dead singer’s weird glory in 4D
disconnects everything
in bursts
all of the basic arrangements
all of the get on top
of a life house
there’s something
i’ve carried with me all my life
it never goes (you too?)
lets call it ‘virtual zero’
this proxy
is how
i killed yourself
lived a few hours
all over the world
in one go
mirrors pissing in my mouth
making gold breaking cascades
redemption through excess
libidinal void
whorl of affective blankness
a scream and a
beautiful melody
used not to affirm
but to dissolve
the subject
has its
no content
sensory affordances
primacy of body
this remixing of types
reputation is gone
for the desire
of the other
you you you you
no new idea
perhaps i’ll make
some mess
pop sorry
melody and everything

thanks to LC
and a book about KW
here in on the at
i just remembered
who I am
which is nobody
or rather
how to disappear
at for and from
the moment

is just
a way
of feeling
that is

you can tell

side overpowering
side within

tell it again


i’m playing

the wasteland
the hard drive
the cradle

all through it

hand, finger, vein

the real

how o
n earth

i just want to write
to you
my self
i just want to write
to you
my self
it is not to be admired
i just want to write to you
my self

when we touch
we never do

i can feel it
some thing
not here in the air

no flesh and skin
unfolding here
not behind and over there

ring in parties
functions gear

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