Adaya Godlevsky & Uri Levinson

Adaya Godlevsky

Adaya Godlevsky is an interdisciplinary artist, Adaya uses the harp as her main motif across several art activates such as composing music, performance, directing, singing and creating artistic collaborations with artist from different fields. Adaya’s music abilities range from classical music to experimental and improvisation, composing poetry, playing and singing. Her activates are presented on varied stages like radio stations, theatres, music clubs, interdisciplinary festivals, museums and art galleries.

Uri Levinson

Uri Levinson is a multi-disciplinary artist, engineer and group facilitator; Active in the field of video, live video, technological Installation and performance. In addition to his work as an independent artist, he collaborates with Adaya Godlevsky. He concentrates on issues evolving from the increased presence of technology in his life.


everything is predetermined. and yet

In 2015 we performed at “Tectonics” Festival in Tel Aviv, with “everything is predetermined. and yet.” This piece is part of one of ours projects as a couple while building “couple practice”. In this section of the project each of us wrote a partiture for the other.

The premier of this work as part of the project named:  ‘A clear paper with a torn edge’ tookplace at the Zimmer gallery in Tel Aviv and hade three sections. 1) the work “everything is predetermined. and yet” 2) a piece that Adaya wrote for Uri on which he based a video work, and3) a duo sound and visual improvisation.

We continue to perform with that project or part of it in a few festivals and events.

During our lifetime as a couple, we find our art collaboration as main motive in our relationship, even when we have periods of solo art projects of each of us, it is in the context to mutual work. Many of our inspirations and materials for our art collaboration, comes from our differences.

Each of our artwork, during our collaboration, is a milestone in our life and in our relationship. When we finalize a project, it becomes a beginning of the next one. The preceding is a material and inspiration of the next, and we never know when or how our differences will meet. Everything is predetermined. and yet.


To Adaya Godlevsky from Uri Levinson,

A guided improvisation for sound and visual.

Total duration: 20 minutes

everything is predetermined but still, there is freedom of choice

Even the unexpected is a derivative or twist of the expected.

In any chosen musical creation please include the following instructions, at a time of your choice:

Distance yourself for the harp to a point that playing the harp will produce a dance. The harp should continue to sound.

Tremble the violin bow on the lower strings of the harp in at last three pieces. Nor shorter than a minute neither longer three minutes.

Use my presents in the space in any way you choose.

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